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    Tumbling "E" Chart-20 ft

    Used to measure visual acuity based on the direction of the letter "E".

    Universal Chin Rest Papers Box/1000

    Used To Hygienically Cover Chin Rests For Slit Lamps, Fundus Cameras, Visual Fields Or Wherever A Chin Rest Is Used.

    Occluder-Lorgnette Black Pinhole

    Used In Vision Testing To Occlude Or Cover One Eye For The Purpose Of Examination Of The Other.

    Cats Tonometer Prism

    The Cats Tonometer Prism (Correcting Applanation Tonometer Surface) Is The First Innovation In Applanation Prism Technology In 60 Years. Rigorous And Consistently Repeatable Clinical Tests Have Proven That The Cats Tonometer Prism Brings Significantly More Accuracy To Intraocular Pressure (Iop) Measurements Than The Legacy Goldmann Applanation Tonometer (Gat) Iop Prisms. The Cats Tonometer Prism Has An Innovative Concave-Convex Prism Surface That Captures Critical Central Corneal Thickness (Cct), Corneal Hysteresis, Tear Film And Corneal Curvature Data To Provide More Accurate Iop Measurements.