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    Scissors-Castroviejo Corneal M-Curve

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    RETAINE HPMC 0.3% 10 mL

    RETAINE HPMC Lubricant Eye Drops Is A Preservative-Free Hypromellose Ophthalmic Solution (0. 3%) That Provides Immediate Relief To Soothe Dry, Irritated Eyes By Resembling Natural Tears. Utilizing A Proprietary Airless Application System That Prevents Harmful Bacteria From Entering The Bottle And Contaminating The Solution, RETAINE HPMC Enables Delivery Of Multiple Sterile Doses To The Eye Without Preservatives That Can Be Damaging To The Sensitive Ocular Surface.

    Medical Eye Shields - Black W/Headband - Ea

    Eye shield in black plastic; used to occlude eye in visual field testing for glaucoma.

    Nitrile Examination Gloves-Powder Free-Purple-(Medium) Box/100

    (Non-Sterile)-Medium Alternative For Those Sensitive To Natural Rubber Latex. Unique Color Provides Quick, Visual Differentiation From Latex And Other Synthetic Gloves. Textured Fingertips Help Improve Grip.

    Forceps - Jewelers 7 - Curved - Ea

    Each FORCEPS - Fine pointed blades used to grasp tissue and remove articles from eye or lid.