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    Fontus Sciences and OCuSOFT Announce Collaborative Agreement

    Friday, April 1, 2016

    Rosenberg, TX (February 8, 2016) – Fontus Sciences, an HBA company based in Rosenberg, Texas is pleased to announce a collaboration with OCuSOFT Inc., an ophthalmic pharmaceutical company, also based in Rosenberg, to market and distribute OCuSOFT®’s Zoria® line of Skin Care products.

    Most everyone knows Fontus™ as the company that developed the “little green lozenge” that provides moisturizing relief from dryness with a unique patent-pending formula that stimulates saliva production to lubricate dry mouth and throat, assisting in the recovery of hoarse or strained vocal chords for singers and actors. Not everyone knows that the full name of the company is Fontus Sciences and we are dedicated to health and well-being. As a company, we operate within the category of HBA, better known as Health and Beauty Aids. Health and beauty are synergistic because healthy people are often beautiful peoplein the sense that their skin and hair is fresh, clean, vibrant andhealthyHealth and beauty speak to the core philosophy of Fontus Sciences.

    In order to build on the foundation established for Fontus Sciences, we are turning to our parent company, OCuSOFT Inc. OCuSOFT® is a leading ophthalmic company that has been in business since 1987. Their customers include many of the leading eye centers and retail outlets across the United States. OCuSOFT®’s flagship products include eyelid cleansers to help remove oil, debris and dead skin that can contribute to eye irritation. Many of OCuSOFT®’s products, however, cross over from eye care to skin care. These skin care products (including eyelash growth enhancement serums) are marketed under the Zoria® brand.

    Fontus Sciences is pleased to announce an expanded relationship with OCuSOFT® whereby the entire Zoria® line of skin careproducts as well the newest OCuSOFT® Lid Scrub® Eyelid Cleansers including OCuSOFT® Lid Scrub® PLUS PLATINUM, will now be available through Fontus Sciences on the Fontus™ website at The Zoria® Skin Care line includes Zoria® Boost™ Eyelash Intensifying Serum, Zoria® Boost™ Mascara with Eyelash Intensifying Serum, Zoria® Mascara for Sensitive Eyes, Zoria® Facial Skin Cleanser, Zoria® Eye Make-up Remover, Zoria® Recovery Bruise & Scar Cream (for use with filler and Botox) and Zytaze® Nutritional Supplements to enhances and prolong the effects of Botox. A complete listing of Zoria® and OCuSOFT® Lid Scrub® Eyelid Cleanser products can be found on the Fontus™ website:

    A nationwide communications effort is underway to share with Fontus Green Apple Throat Lozenge users these exciting new developments. A part of this effort will be to explain and educate consumers on how some of the most annoying and aggravating signs and effects of aging can be corrected. All is not lost and we all, male or female, can reconnect with youth without resorting to surgery.

    Actress and co-founder of Fontus Sciences, Kaitlin Hopkins, comments: “As a Broadway performer, I was frustrated there was nothing that really worked to counteract dry mouth and dry throat before during and after performances. Working with OCuSOFT® we created Fontus Sciences. Now to see Fontus™ expand its offering to include pharmaceutical grade treatments for facial/eyelash/skin care is doubly exciting. Performers, male andfemale, are always concerned about the effects of aging and Zoria® Skin Care, in partnership with Fontus™, can offer real, measured results”.

    For More Information Contact: Courtney Ahrens, Director of Marketing
    Phone: 800-233-5469