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    What Employees are Saying

    “It is a great company to work for. The owner is very involved and shows how appreciative she is about our work and being committed to our job. the environment we are provided to work in is safe, clean and most importantly, professional. I love my job!!” - an employee in SALES

    “I love my job because we are in it to work hard, develop and grow a business that we are proud to be part of. In turn, we work with a company that considers us to be more than just employee's. We are the OCuSOFT team.” - an employee in ADMINISTRATION

    “Everyone is treated equally.” - an employee in SALES

    “You have the opportunity to advance based on your initiative.” - an employee in OPERATIONS

    “Our managers listen to our ideas and actually go through with making them a reality.” - an employee in WAREHOUSE 

    “Very family oriented and everyone is willing to help each other out when possible.” - an employee in SALES

    “I love the variety. Every day I get to interact with different people and build relationships. Also, I feel I’m learning something new every day.” - an employee in SALES

    “OCuSOFT does so much for their employees! They offer great benefits as well as showing appreciation with our birthdays/anniversaries. They even acknowledge our children's birthdays!” - an employee in OPERATIONS

    “We continue to grow and develop as a company inside and out. As our business grows, we are also growing to be more efficient and grow as a team.” - an employee in ADMINISTRATION

    “From the Executive Team down, we are all ONE Team. No one is better than anyone else. We work hard for OCuSOFT and we are rewarded for that reason.” - an employee in ADMINISTRATION

    “The family atmosphere makes you feel important.” - an employee in SALES

    “I feel like the company is currently expanding and will expand greatly over the years to come! I believe that this is an amazing opportunity for growth in employment and room for others to grow within the company!” - an employee in SALES

    “I think that each department works their hardest and they give 100%. We are a team. We work together to get any job done.” - an employee in Warehouse

    “By creating an environment of self-responsibility, OCuSOFT puts the responsibility in the team member’s hands and has caring and compassionate managers who guide them in the right direction.” - an employee in SALES

    “Our core values (L.I.F.E.) are our mantra and if there is a negative situation, it is addressed and not pushed under the rug.” - an employee in ADMINISTRATION

    “OCuSOFT works hard to create an environment where, even when the going gets tough, we are all there for each other and we are all important.” - an employee in ADMINISTRATION

    “I find the way that everyone looks out for each other despite location in the country or position in the company to be meaningful. Also, there is open air for discussion if something bothers you.” - an employee in SALES

    “I can work at my own pace and I feel responsible for myself. All my managers and coworkers are supportive and we are a family.” - an employee in SALES

    “On a day to day basis I am making decisions without the aid of anyone but myself. I have had great training and I feel well prepared to educate and consult with my Dr.’s, buyers and techs. I can really bring myself and my skillset to what I do all day long.” - an employee in SALES

    “OCuSOFT recognizes my awesomeness which makes me want to be even more awesome.” - an employee in ADMINISTRATION

    “The company provides an atmosphere that allows employees to learn on the job and challenges them to create new ways of thinking to accomplish tasks.” - an employee in OPERATIONS

    “My manager is open to anything I say and relies on my expertise and knowledge to get my job done. My manager is forgiving and understanding with me.” - an employee in SALES

    “The training plans for each department are excellent.” - an employee in ADMINISTRATION

    “I am not stuck in a boring office all day. I have the freedom to work throughout the building.” - an employee in ADMINISTRATION

    “It allows me to travel and still have a personal life.” - an employee in SALES

    “I feel at home with my work family. I enjoy the lunches provided and enjoy my job.” - an employee in OPERATIONS

    “Every day I'm doing something different that will help better our team.” - an employee in ADMINISTRATION

    “We are all like a big family. We are treated with respect and consideration. I have grown to be a valuable person at OCuSOFT.” - an employee in OPERATIONS

    “I help others to grow and believe in themselves, while making products that transform patient’s quality of life.” - an employee in ADMINISTRATION

    “I can help make decisions that will make others’ lives easier and their jobs more enjoyable by listening to their concerns and ideas. A happy team makes for a productive team and a team’s effort makes a much larger impact than any one individual could make alone.” - an employee in SALES

    “I love the positive atmosphere of the company.” - an employee in SALES