It’s easy to dismiss eye irritation as a minor concern but ocular surface dysfunction and chronic dry eye can take a permanent and lasting toll on your vision quality and ocular comfort. Studies have confirmed that prostaglandin analogues found in most last growth serums (both prescription and over-the-counter) can cause serious side effects to the eyes and surrounding areas and are strongly related to lasting dry eye issues.

Presently, there is some confusion in the marketplace due to FDA regulation between cosmetic ingredients and drug ingredients. Many cosmetic over-the-counter (OTC) formulas continue to use unapproved prostaglandin analogue ingredients such as isopropyl cloprostenate, decloro dihydroxy difluoro ethycloprostenolamide, and cloprostenol isopropyl ester, which are closely linked chemically to approved prescription drug ingredients (bimatoprost) thus subjecting users to potential side effects. There are no safety studies with such unapproved prostaglandin analogs. A recently filed class action lawsuit is an example where users of some cosmetic OTC eyelash enhancers containing unapproved prostaglandins experienced side effects normally associated with drug formulas.

Your Long Lash Solution

Non-prescription Zoria Lash Intensifying Serum is a clinically proven, prostaglandin-free OTC formula that is non-irritating and delivers noticeable results without the potential side effects associated with other drug-based lash-enhancement products. Zoria contains polypeptides in a patented formulation that works on all three phases of the eyelash growth cycle to strengthen, nourish and condition the eyelashes so that they will remain in their natural growing cycle longer.

*Individual results can vary from 2 weeks to 6 weeks depending on the growth phase of the lashes at time of application. Remember to be consistent in applying Zoria Lash Intensifying Serum. It works!

The Anagen (active growth) Phase lasts between 30 -45 days. In this phase, the patented polypeptide technology in Zoria Lash stimulates keratin genes and hair follicles to support natural eyelash growth.

The Catagen (transition) Phase lasts 2 -3 weeks. During this phase, the eyelash stops growing once it reaches its maximum length and volume. Zoria Lash strengthens, repairs and protects the eyelash in this transition phase.

The Telogen (resting) Phase lasts approximately 100 days before the eyelash eventually falls out. Each individual eyelash undergoes each phase at different times. On average, complete replacement of an eyelash occurs between 4-8 weeks. Zoria Lash not only nourishes and conditions eyelashes to prepare for the next growth cycle, it also prolongs the Telogen phase creating the appearance of longer, fuller lashes.


For best results, use in conjunction with Zoria Lash Intensifying Mascara. Zoria Lash Intensifying Mascara combines mascara with lash intensifying serum that can used throughout the day to naturally enhance eyelashes. For optimal results, use Zoria Lash Intensifying Mascara during the day and Zoria Lash Intensifying Serum at night for dramatically longer, fuller, darker looking eyelashes.

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