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    RETAINE MGD Ophthalmic Emulsion Eye Drops - 30 single-Dose Vials

    RETAINE MGD Is An Ophthalmic Emulsion With A Lipid Replenishing Formula That Utilizes Electrostatic Attraction To Stabilize The Tear Film And Protect Against Moisture Loss.

    RETAINE HPMC 0.3% 10ML

    RETAINE HPMC Lubricant Eye Drops Is A Preservative-Free Hypromellose Ophthalmic Solution (0.3%) That Provides Immediate Relief To Soothe Dry, Irritated Eyes By Resembling Natural Tears. Utilizing A Proprietary Airless Application System That Prevents Harmful Bacteria From Entering The Bottle And Contaminating The Solution, RETAINE HPMC Enables Delivery Of Multiple Sterile Doses To The Eye Without Preservatives That Can Be Damaging To The Sensitive Ocular Surface.


    Designed To Keep Eyes Lubricated And Comfortable While You Sleep. RETAINE PM Is A Preservative-Free, Oil-Based Formula, Economically Packaged In A 5 Gm Tube. For Nighttime Use Only.

    RETAINE FLAX Omega 3,6 Supplement - 120 Softgel Capsules

    Specially Formulated To Support Ocular Health. Contains 1000 Mg Omega-3 Flaxseed Oil, 500 Mg Omega-6 Evening Primrose Oil And 50 Mg Bilberry Extract. Ideal For Individuals Who Cannot Tolerate Fish-Oil Based Supplements.

    RETAINE OM3 nutritional Supplement - 60 ct

    Specially Formulated To Support Ocular Health. Contains 1300 Mg Omega3-Fish Oil(800 Epa/400 Dha Per Serving) 300 Mg Omega-6 Evening Primrose Oil And 40 Mg Bilberry Extract.

    RETAINE VISION Gelcap Supplements 120 ct

    RETAINE VISION Nutritional Supplement Is Specially Formulated To Support Ocular Health. Contains High-Potency Antioxidants Based On The AREDS2 Formula.

    Retaine Brand